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See a Short Movie (New 03-17-2007) of Joe Forman working on the guns of a B-25 and other crew members preparing for a mission in New Guinea in 1943.




Dedicated to Joe Forman and the other men of the501st Squadron who served with the Air Apaches during The Second World War

 This site covers the 345th Bomb Group of the 5th Air Force and goes into detail on the accomplishments of the 501st Bomb Group, the "Black Panthers" during their campaign against the Japanese in New Guinea.

A history of the B-25 Medium Bomber "TIN LIZ" is included on which Joe Forman served as Armorer Gunner.

Joe Forman Memorial turret fund for the B-25 Yankee Warrior

The Story of the Tin-Liz 130074

Photographs 1942-1944

Tin-Liz Graphics

Books on the Air Apaches

Yankee Air Museum

This site goes into the following details of Mr. Joe Forman's service from his induction to his discharge which is typical of the lives of many 345th BG Members

(In Progress)

  • Training for combat on the B-25 aircraft 1942
  • Actual letters home 1942-44
  • Transfer to combat unit overseas 1942-44
  • First and second enemy aircraft shot down
  • Missions flown? (Rabaul and others)
  • Sinking a Japanese ship
  • Completing the 52nd Mission (last one)
  • Being awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart
  • Going home
  • Reunion with family
  • And of course "The Tin-Liz"

Tin-Liz Crew

130074 Patch



Thank You Duffy Soto for your Painting of the Tin-Liz
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