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Updated 03-04-2007

Forman Camera Bike demo reels

From the film "Need for Speed" these segments added 3-4-07 and below

the General Demo

Forman Camera Bike

For a Music Video in 2005 with an ARRI 435 on Bike

Forman Camera Bike

Front or rear mount with short boom available

The U.S Patent (5467906) camera bikes were especially developed to photograph actors, athletes and vehicles

at speeds up to thirty miles per hour in many different terrains and conditions.

Jobs Completed,Special camera mounts,Fork mounts,

Forman-B.O.B. Camera Trailer, The Forman Camera Bicycles

Filming with Bikes

P.O.V Photos from the Bikes

Mark Forman with Sony F900 HDCAM ready to go on the Forman electric bike

for the ING New York Marathon Preview 2003

Forman Camera Bike

Photos Courtesy of Ron Coleman

Forman Camera Bike

Anthony Lenzo of Air Sea Land Productions with his Sony HDW-F900 HDCAM mounted on Forman Camera Bike 2

Forman Camera Bike

Forman Camera Bike

Mounting and Shooting with Professional Cameras on Forman Camera Bikes Since 1991 (15 Years)

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